Typical Client when they first arrive

This is how a typical client looks when they first see us

  • They own a $410,000 home with a $225,000 non-tax-deductible home loan, with 20 years left to pay at $2,027/ month (without using our system).
  • You can’t get rich “losing” $2,027/ month for 20 years, then at the end of it, all you own is a house to live in. Even if they eventually sold that house for $1,000,000 they would have to buy another house.
  • Anyone can get rich in any western country.
  • But something better than the above scenario has to happen.
  • Non-tax-deductible debt is a cancer that has to be cut out instantly or as close to instantly as possible. Home loans and credit cards are non-tax-deductible.
  • To get out of the financial quagmire you have to eliminate non-deductible debt and decrease the tax you pay.

So what’s the first step to fix things?
Typical Client when they first arrive