What types of properties make this system work

Years ago, clients were left to find their own properties, but it was disappointing to see their progress stunted by wrong selections. As the bloke in Sydney with 900 houses said “To get 900 houses you have to make every post a winner, not every second post. If you get it half right you don’t get 450 houses, you only ever get 1.”

The selection is partly to do with getting the best tax deductions and depreciation allowances. Two similar looking houses can have vastly different depreciation allowances and tax deductions. You have to get it right – too much depends on it.

You must always select white collar areas where say a school teacher would choose to live if doing a 5 year stint in that area.

Every investment must fit the 10 point checklist on the next page.

You don’t have to worry about how all this fits together. We do it for you.