Step 2 Typical Client

Say after 2 years, your home loan had reduced dramatically and you redrew/restructured/refinanced to get say $50,000 (see above area shaded green) to acquire say an income producing investment or business with a strong passive income.

Some growth assets like shares actually out perform real estate long term. There’s no doubt about that. So it’s a good idea not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Your new passive, income generating investment is “free” because it didn’t really cost you anything. You didn’t save up for it, you just redrew from a loan that you were going to take 20 years to pay anyway. You actually never saved a cent towards the additional investment under our system, yet still get to own it.

If your new cash flow generating investment brings in say $3000/month, that would bring a big increase to the funds at your disposal, those new funds can be used to lower the balance of the property loan.

Insert the $3,000/ month to the Funds Available at this stage. Therefore total of $7,264/ month. Now you have funds available of $7264/ month.
Step 2 Typical Client

As you get stronger you can evolve onto passive businesses, commercial real estate, re-zonings, subdivisions – on your own if you want – or with us, but always with our help. Or we can just do it all for you.


CLEAR RENT $1584/ month
TAX SAVING $653/ month
PASSIVE INCOME $3,000/ month
TOTAL $7,264/ month

I’m sure you can imagine that the yellow coloured home loan will now decrease at an even faster rate. The old home loan will now be paid off in 14 months. That’s a lot better than 20 years.

From this step onwards, our system becomes exponential and gathers its own speed. You are able to acquire investment properties at a faster and faster rate, and are able to redraw to buy more growth assets and passive income streams at a faster and faster rate!

As part of this process your income gets larger and it can become optional in a short time, whether to continue at work or not.

This might be a mouthful for you but we hold your hand and make it easy. Anyone can use our techniques but you have to do it right.