Situation after 5 years

It has been said that people overestimate what they can do in a year but massively underestimate what they can achieve in five years. Here is the actual present situation with client who started with a large $377,000 non-tax deductible home loan 5 years ago. It would have taken decades to pay this loan off under normal circumstances. Brian was 30 years old when he started with us.

Situation after 5 years

Brian now has $6.393M worth of gross assets. He could sell up now and after paying off the mortgages put around $1.7M in his pocket (please be aware that government regulators often look at this site and we are called on to prove our claims).

Not bad for a person with little net worth 5 years ago.

His present $1.7M net worth is really like a few good lotto wins, but you can keep doing it and doing it with no limit. And it gets faster and faster as you go along.

Also these properties will double in value at some future time – that’s assured. Imagine the $6.393 million total values becoming $12.786 million! However “you have to be in it to win it”.

Part of the reason this progress was not possible 5 years ago was because Brians motor was too small. The spare money he had left over each week for wealth creation was not enough to make real headway. Now Brians “motor” from the various income sources is about $30,000 per month. This includes rents, tax rebates and his present business income streams.

However, this is the humble start. Wait until you see what happens over 10 years.

We assure you that this sort of success will come your way – if you do it our way and under our guidance.