Scenario with a real client

Scenario with a real client


(Age 34 years at the beginning)

STARTED year 2000 – With a net worth of the $80,000 equity in his house and a job at the Post Office.

AFTER 19 MONTHS – Owned his home outright and had good equity in 2 investment properties. Net worth of $360,000.

AFTER 24 MONTHS – Acquired $100,000 worth of income producting assets on which he received a passive income of $3000 / month (that was nearly as much as his wage)

AFTER 36 MONTHS – Acquired a 3rd investment property for well under market value (which later doubled in value while other areas stayed flat).

AFTER 50 MONTHS – Acquired another $100,000 of income producing assets for a further $3000/ month passive income.

AFTER 58 MONTHS – Purchased a business for $280,000 which was completely and fully managed which gives $280,000 / YEAR PASSIVE INCOME (That’s almost what the Prime Minister earns)

The summary is:

When I met Steve he owned a house but much of it was debt. His only income was his job.

Four years and 10 months later, Steve fully owned his home, had $460,000 equity in 3 investment properties, $200,000 worth of income producing assets ($6000/ month passive income) and a business that gives significant passive income (he has no contact or role in the business)

He doesn’t go to work anymore.

Steve is still only 39 years old. See what Steve says

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(Age early forties at the beginning)

Despite a good income, as at 9th April 2003, Thomas didn’t have any assets – no real estate, no shares, no other assets.

We lent the required deposit on the first two investment properties.

We won’t go into the step by step details of what happened each year. You probably have the idea by now. Five years after starting, as at 9th April 2008, Thomas has 9 investment properties and $1.2M equity in shares.

Thomas has a net worth of $2.5M to $3M five years after starting. Recently he looked at stopping work, he could stop now, but eventually decided to work for just two more years.

This is his present financial position:

Innes Street $360,000 $115,000
Redland Bay $440,000 $240,000
Kinchega Cres $400,000 $345,000
Kinchega Cres $405,000 $390,000
Daintree Cres $415,000 $390,000
Lillydale Place $480,000 $221,000
Lenton Place $480,000 $358,000
Kelvin Grove $440,000 $425,000
Total: $3,420,000 Total: $2,484,000
Total Equity: $936,000

Additionally Thomas now has $1.2M cash earning passive income and another 2 properties in a self managed super fund. He could now sell the passive investments and halve the property loans, but would lose the benefit of holding the investments.

All of these assets have been acquired over a 5 year period, without the benefit of catching the last boom. Imagine what will happen to this “empire” when the next boom hits.

The summary is that from a standing start, Thomas now averages tax free gains of about $540,000 per annum or $45,000 per month, just for owning assets the way we like to do it. This is money you can spend and use for lifestyle – it’s not just for looking at. And it’s exponential – it gets faster and faster as you go along.