What clients think of us

Julia Hartman

We have been working with Canterbury for over a decade and they have been around much longer than this.  They have the experience, systems and resources to continue to provide support to property investors.  Further, they are so confident of their service, they actually encourage you to see your Accountant before you sign so that you can consider the tax ramifications of who owns the property.

Julia Hartman B.Bus, CA
Founder Accounting Firm Bantacs
Co-author with Noel Whittaker “Winning Property Tax Strategies”
Visit: www.bantacs.com.au

Justin & Sue

I look forward to our meetings and your updates on the market which I try to follow where I can. I was very happy and excited about the property you got us.

It may not look like it but I admire your passion, level of professionalism and your humble mannerisms.

It is a trait that is rare these days.

In short your guidance and advice has really changed our lives and for that I am truly thankful.

Cheers Justin & Sue

Steven and Rebecca W.

I had interest in the Canterbury system for years but was held back a my in-built scepticism, not to mention the sceptics that surround most people. It took me a couple of years to take the plunge. The little devil on my shoulder was saying “what if”. I became especially worried that the market was going to price me out by the time I got started.

Then when I first met Canterbury I was not in a strong enough position to begin the system. However I held on for a few more years.

I was almost spooked a number of times by the sceptics you meet and the inevitable online warriors who warn you what not to do (everything) but can never say what you should do.

We are glad we took the plunge with Canterbury. Our future prospects have completely changed for the better.

I have a lot of different motivational factors including the ones above, also is the fact that my family has always been working class (proud of that) plus Mum and Dad have never owned their own home. Dad had worked himself extremely hard all his life just to pay the rent and give us a good life, all to get rid of the debt of someone else. Assured financial security I would say is the most appealing part of the Canterbury system, not just for Rebecca and I. Mum’s a widow on the pension and the way the government is there is no guarantee that she will have long term security, regardless of the tax her husband and four children have paid. So to know that she will gain financial security makes me even more driven.

To be honest I didn’t think the system would be this easy or was going to pay off properties so fast, but either way I was going to give it a go. I really like the concept of paying our home off ASAP plus minimising the tax paid. I cringe every time I look at the $600-$800 tax paid on my payslip each week and feel like it is Grand Theft. At least I’m paying less tax than I used to and am on the way to paying a lot less.

Now this has turned into a short story I better go have some dinner.

Steven and Rebecca W. (name changed for privacy by request)

Sue S & Justin R.

Our story is simple. We were once a hardworking couple who was getting nowhere. Then we met Robert and Tim from Canterbury Services. Now, we are moving forward faster than we ever thought possible with a financial state that we never dared to imagine.

Not two years ago, we had a large mortgage on our home, an investment property that was positively geared and we were surrounded by ‘bad’ debt. Month after month, we would pay a little off and then redraw the money to cover bills. No matter how hard we worked or ‘did without’, we were getting nowhere. That all changed when we met Robert and Tim. They shared valuable information and advice. They challenged how we looked at debt and helped us understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. They gave us direction and a realistic plan to follow. Most importantly to us at the time, they provided us with a way to pay off our home immediately! That’s not a misprint.

Now, we are just weeks away from the formal approval of our fifth investment house. With the Canterbury team by our side we are in a remarkable position. We have only good debt, our money is working for us and the future is extremely bright. Truly a life-changing experience!

Sue S & Justin R


Thanks for catching up with me this morning for my 6 month review. Safe to say I am happy with the way things have progressed. At 62 years of age when we met, I was unsure if I had enough work life left to get my house paid off before I retired. I couldn’t imagine paying it off for a very long time. I was cursing the fact I had not met you years earlier.

Now, I am very happy to have paid my home off so quickly and with a year to spare before retirement. With a tax free passive income of $37,000/year, I am now focussing on paying down my investment properties so I can hold them in retirement at no cost while they grow in value.

I didn’t make the rich list but I’m very happy where I sit after starting so late.

Please pass on my thanks to the Canterbury team.


Michael and Jaye-Lea F

To the team at Canterbury we would like to send this email to thank you for the hassle, pain and stress free purchase of our 1st of hopefully many investment properties and growth in our portfolio. From the time we 1st contacted you it has been a easy process and there has been no pressure put on us as this is a huge step and the things we like about it all our questions even if they are simple where answered and explained with ease.

So thank you Canterbury we hope to continue a long hassle free partnership with Canterbury and gain financial freedom. Thank you!

Michael and Jaye-Lea


I think the Canterbury team are absolutely wonderful and I talk about your company often (currently trying to convince my brother but he’s young so not thinking about getting ahead yet). I am truly grateful I stumbled upon an article on you guys through Facebook and followed it up. The service you provide has the power to drastically change people’s standard of living if they’re willing to buy in. Lucky my friend Norm listened to me and joined with you!



I’ve gone ahead by another $30k since I did the last step with Robbie. I’m stoked that it is adding up as quick as it is (well, seems quick in my books) and that I’ll soon be $50k ahead! I know you said it would go slowly then speed up, Robbie, but WOW I didn’t expect it to be like this. I know the low interest rate is helping but wow! After this next step, I can’t imagine how fast the next one will be until I reach $50k and am in a position to go even further.

Again, thanks so much, guys, for the opportunity to do all this. I’m looking forward to being in a position once again to do the next investment – be it houses, shares, businesses whatever.

I’m 100% in your hands and trust you. This is great! Just had to share it! J


Robin and Michelle

Working with Canterbury Property Services over the last 3 years has proven to be one of the best financial decisions we have made. The extended Canterbury team have provided consistent professional support and sound advice that has assisted us to develop an investment portfolio that has exceeded our expectations.

As well as developing a workable plan that was customised to suit our personal situation, goals and budget it was proposed to us in a simple to understand manner. This combined with the teams availability and ongoing assistance provided us with a strong sense of comfort.

As a result we have developed a solid investment portfolio with minimal risk, strong yield and configured in such a way to suit our requirements and probably most important to us it is constructed in such a manner that we can understand and control it.

I would recommend any first time or seasoned investor to consult with Canterbury Property Services. I am happy to provide further detail to assist at any time.

Robin and Michelle
Wellington Point

Linley and Nooroa

Since being involved with Canterbury I can honestly say that the honesty and integrity of the people we have dealt with has been second to none. Exactly what they say, they do! On and off their website. If you follow their system, it works!

A lot of people say it’s too good to be true, well it is true, and it is good! It’s that good, that good guys I used to work with have joined Canterbury. I wish I had come across the opportunity with Canterbury sooner.

Cheers Canterbury, good luck everyone!

Linley and Nooroa


As a single parent I was looking for a way to boost my retirement funds. Canterbury gave me the confidence to make a start with property investment, as I felt I wasn’t on my own anymore. I only started a year ago but am very pleased with my investment and look forward to growing it in the future.

Bray Park, Qld.

Jesse Y.

Being recently self-employed I found obtaining finance to fund an investment house was proving a great challenge. After attending numerous investment seminars and speaking to countless financial advisors I found that no-one had the right solution tailored to suit my circumstances. I found Canterbury, whilst internet surfing (Facebook), and posted my enquiry.

To my surprise I found a group of professionals that did not push a product but found a realistic solution to my goal for financial independence. Canterbury has helped me to obtain my first investment home and I look forward to having many more ably assisted by Canterbury.

Jesse Y.
Burpengary, Qld.

Jennifer M.

Having spent most of my working life working 2, sometimes 3 jobs to get ahead, I immediately recognized the potential of the Canterbury strategy and readily took advantage of the opportunity to get my money working for me, instead of killing myself working for my money. Not only am I on target to pay off my mortgage in less than 18months, I have 2 investment properties (so far) working toward my financial freedom. My only regret is that I didn’t start 10 years ago.

Jennifer M.
Dutton Park, Qld.

Lewis W.

After a relationship breakdown ( no assets, no debts, and 150k in cash ) l approached Canterbury to see if they could put together a plan where l could retire in 10 years with reasonable retirement income and the debt free assets to produce that income. l now have a plan that will produce that income debt free in 7 years and will also own my own new home debt free in under 3 years. Thank you Canterbury, so easy with your system — Unconceivable on my own.

Lewis W.
Western Australia.

Andrew P.

Because of our relationship with Canterbury Property Services we now own our principal place of residence outright, which previously had a substantial debt owing, and have secured four investment properties to enhance our wealth creation. All this in less than two years!

Regards Andrew P.
Logan village, Qld.

Bob and Emma C

We were new to Australia and didn’t know how to go about getting an investment property or how the tax system worked. We were put in touch with Canterbury in April 2008. They did all the work for us and by November 2009 we had 2 investment properties, a good idea of how to make our venture cost effective and have barely lifted a finger.

Bob & Emma C.
Windaroo, Qld.

Sonia E.

We are a young family who had previously lost everything due to unforeseen circumstances. Canterbury took us on as a client and got us into an investment property when everyone else said “no possible way”.

Canterbury did everything they said they would and 2 years on we have just signed up for our 2nd property and are well positioned to buy a 3rd within the next 6 months. We thank Canterbury and their team for making it happen, we couldn’t have done it without them.

Sonia E.
Ormeau, Qld.

Danyelle B.

I am a single parent keen to pay off my house as quickly as possible. Prior to meeting Canterbury I had made little progress despite having a mortgage for many years and never missing a payment. Through the advice of Canterbury I have purchased an investment property and have an investment plan to have my house paid off within 5 years.

Danyelle B.
Rapid Creek, NT.

Ken and Jan T.

After an expensive move to the Gold Coast we were approaching retirement with very few assets. Now thanks to Canterbury we almost own our first investment home and are on the way to our next investment. We can’t imagine what we would have done otherwise.

Ken & Jan T.
Pacific Pines, Qld.

Nick & Marcia D.

Like many people planning for retirement our shares and Superannuation had taken a big hit in the GFC when we were introduced to Canterbury who developed an ongoing plan which has allowed us to purchase three investment properties within two years without any extra ongoing expenditure. We are now back on track with further purchases planned, thanks to Canterbury.

Nick & Marcia D.
Springwood. Qld.

Chris K.

As a single parent, I was wondering how to financially secure a future for my son & I. That is until Canterbury provided me with the assistance to get on track. I bought my first investment property less than 2 years ago & expect to have repaid my home loan within a year, with plans to add to my investment portfolio.

Chris K.
Durack, Qld.


You’re a legend Matt (and all of Canterbury), thanks for that! Yep, got the funds all tucked away and everything is looking good in terms of allocation of monies to Macquarie and am now just organising the paperwork with the WONDERFUL Jillian to take the next steps in aligning the accounts to have the rent go into the PPOR (home) loan and then I’ll be chatting with you to find out what I have to do next for the 2nd property…I can slowly feel the “flywheel” beginning to gain some momentum…the Tax variation paperwork has been completed and advice from the ATO confirming same, so looking forward to the next pay packet to see how much less Tax I’m paying which can then go into the PPOR (home) loan…
Cheers and thanks again for all that you do…

Kidman Park. S.A


I absolutely love the guys at Canterbury. After years of investing in shares, businesses and property, as well as working as a tax auditor for the government, I still had a strong belief that it was possible to become financially independent but just couldn’t implement a strategy that would ensure it would happen. Having started the system around 3 years ago, I am well on my way and can verify Canterbury deliver what they promise. It’s hard to believe that one day I Googled and came across them and their system. Thank heavens I did.

Tax auditor for the government (ATO)